so many books so little time

Hello, my name is Brandon and I’m addicted to books.
I have a bedroom covered with books- almost every corner has a book or two or four or six stacked up. All kinds of books as well. Campbell’s Biology to Sources of Chinese Tradition (as well as the Japanese and Koren counterparts) to the red Worship hymnal (volume 3) to the Liturgy of the Hours and Christian Prayer. Not to mention various philosophy texts, random other textbooks from the past few years, an occasional novel here and there.
That isn’t so bad. My problem is I’ll read about halfway through a book, set it down and not pick it up again for months. I read the first half of The Hobbit back in December/January. I didn’t pick it up again until three days ago. I started Theology of the Body before Christmas break- haven’t touched it in months. There are some, like The Spirit of the Liturgy, that I’ve read cover-to-cover in a week.
So, I have piles of half-read books throughout my room. I really should curb that and mull through some of these books that were good, just never completed. Now, I run off to the rest of my classes.






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  1. Joe Avatar

    I am sympathetic with you. I have a similar problem, namely that I own on the order of 200 books (not counting collections), purchase at least 1 per week, and seldom commit myself to reading an entire text sequentially. I laughed out loud when I read your post – it sounds like a post I would write.
    One day I’ll learn the art of selectively reading interesting parts, but cracking open a fresh book and starting on page 1 is an unbeatable feeling… 😉

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