the four year plan

Since I know oh-so-many chemistry majors out there, I’m going to throw out the remainder of my four-year plan so all of you can wait to take your classes until a time where you can take them with me ::grin::
Summer 2004 (4 hours):
BIO 213 (Intro Bio: Diversity and Ecology)
BIO 214 (Intro Bio: Structure and Function of Organisms)
Fall 2004 (14):
BIO 325 (Genetics)
CH 310M (Organic Chemistry)
CH 431 (Inorganic Chemistry)
M 408K (Differential Calculus)
Spring 2005 (13):
CH 310N (Organic Chemistry)
CH 210C (Organic Chemistry Lab)
M 408L (Integral Calculus)
PHY 317K (General Physics I)
PHY 117M (Lab for PHY 317K)
Summer 2005 (7):
PHY 317L (General Physics II)
PHY 117N (Lab for PHY 117N)
CH 369K (Techniques of Research) or other UD electrive
Fall 2005 (14):
CH 339K (Biochemistry I)
CH 353 (Physical Chemistry I)
CH 456 (Analytical Chemistry)
M 408M (Multivariable Calculus)
Spring 2006 (13):
CH 154K (Physical Chemistry Lab)
CH 354L (Physical Chemistry II)
CH 376K (Advanced Analytical Chemistry)
CH 371K? (Science Outreach in Elementary Schools)
UD Elective?
Summer 2006 (7):
CH 153K (Physical Chemistry Lab)
CH 369K (Techniques of Research) or other UD lab
M 340L (Matrices and Matrix Calculations)
With the above four-year plan, I would walk in the Spring 2006 ceremonies and officially graduate with the August 2006 date. Looking at it, it may seem weird that I would take CH 154K before 153K. For those two classes, 154K is offered only in the spring with a concurrent prereq for 354L. 153K is offered only in the Fall (and first summer session) with a true prereq of 353. Weird but it works.






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  1. dham Avatar

    dude, that’s a freaking long list classes…
    and this requiring my email address thing sucks too…
    good luck! hahaha

  2. Kraft Avatar

    Thanks David- I removed your e-mail address as well :-).

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