death comes to all

From an article about the Lakeway plane crash in the Austin American-Statesman:

He’d heard that Syler’s childhood friend and former business partner, Curtis Treadwell, had died in a plane crash earlier Tuesday just outside Lakeway, along with Treadwell’s wife, Jennifer, their two children and Jason Jones, a friend and business associate of both Treadwell and Syler.
Syler couldn’t believe it. Wouldn’t believe it. Part of him still doesn’t believe it.
“They’re young; they’ve got families; they’ve got the money,” he said.
And now they’re gone.

For background, a small jet crashed in Lakeway, TX- a small luxury community outside of Austin. The jet took off from the privately-owned airpark in Lakeway and crashed into a home. No one on the ground was injured but all six occupants died.
Many people forget that not only do the poor and uneducated die young. Death is a reality for all of us now, no matter our age. The frailty of life is not strengthed by money or education. Just as college students are not invincible, neither are the weathy. They can escape some of death’s methods by having access to health care, higher-quality foods, physical trainers and housing in environmentally better areas.
However, money is not a shield. It can only buy you material things that can not, would not and could not take away the simple fact that we are frail human beings.






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