slapping around those loyalists

I’ve been slowly reading Thomas Paine’s Common Sense and while this is a point I’ve known for awhile, reading a primary source document can really make history alive.
We all know from our history books that Common Sense helped to convince many colonists that we did need to rebel against England. When actually reading the document, it makes the situations much more real. For example:

But if you say, you can still pass the violaions over, then I ask, Hath your house been burned? Hath your property brrn destroyed before your face? Are your wife and children destitute of a bed to lie on, or bread to live on? Have you lost a parent or a child by their hands, and yourself the ruined and wretched survivor?

This is just a little leisure reading that helps me personally bring the history into the present. One thing that is present throughout human history is the human condition, complete with human emotions.






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