reflecting on the past

Reflection of the past is something that we are, as human beings, unique in doing. I think that is something important that many times we can and do ignore if we look at past events and decisions as things that are invariant. I took, and assume misheard, your point as stating that past events always were invariant, i.e. my decision tomorrow is as fixed as my decision yesterday. Personally, I do not like the view of my decisions tomorrow being fixed without my ability to enact my free will to change them.
God’s foreknowledge of my decision making? It’s there, but God’s knowledge of what option I’m going to take does not impact my ability to decide it. Can I trick God? Of course not. But God knowing what decision I am going to make does not remove from me the obligation to responsible reflection of past experience and knowledge to aid in rendering that decision.

The above is from an e-mail I wrote earlier in the evening about a debate I was having with a friend of mine. The debate, which was a major tangent from our original conversation, hit the reflection of the past.
Perhaps it is because it’s 4 am, but the concept of reflecting on the past is something that always amaze me. We take old things and form new thoughts from them.






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