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One of the definite downside to being in Wichita Falls for the break is the detachment from my life, as I now know it. While this is a “vacation” from school, I am not on an actual vacation. So, in the week that I’ve been in Wichita Falls, I have caught up on bills, had lunch with a couple people I haven’t seen since the summer and made a good amount of progress on The Brandon Kraft Foundation (although you cannot yet tell that from the site). I finished all of the Christmas cards I ended up finishing for this year and I am slowly catching up on laundry. But, after being away from Austin in a week, I am ready to get the wheels out of the mud that home has become in many ways. I have no doubt that my mailbox in Austin is stuffed and I will probably have mail to pick up that wouldn’t fit into my box. In many ways, I am restless at home.
I mentioned in my last post about my inability to reflect on things while at home and I attributed that to my inability to truly be at peace while home. After writing that, I went to Midnight Mass at Sacred Heart. While there, for the first time since being home, I didn’t feel restless. Nothing came to me that was blog-worthy, but I was at peace being where I was.
Then, Sunday, I went back for the Feast of the Holy Family. Ironically, I was the only member of my family there for the Feast of the Holy Family and when Fr. Koch asked all families rise so that he could give them a blessing, I did not think it was my place to recieve such a blessing. Even with that, I again felt at peace. This time various things came to mind- some personal, some blog-worthy.
Of course, I get home and I lose any motivation or ‘spirit’ to write anything. Someday I might go on about the various things I thought of: reflections on Fr. Koch’s homily (mostly about our natural families as the domestic church; what a family is and what a family isn’t), thoughts on the suggestion that “Jesus disobeyed his parents when he went to the Temple, maybe even breaking a commandments by doing so” and personal thoughts on my family’s “Catholic” nature.
Between now and when the semester starts up again, I’ll be in Wichita Falls, Dallas, Houston, Austin and Wichita, KS- wish me safe travels and hopefully, I’ll shake off this writer’s block.






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