prayers of the state: jan 24, 2005

After a little break, everyone is back in Austin to play a little government some more. The 4th day of the 140-day session started in the House with Rev. Richard A. Young, pastor of the First United Methodist Church in Uvalde:

Gracious and loving Lord, we come to you today as servants of you and the people of the great State of Texas. As representatives of the young and old, rich and poor we ask for your guidance and direction in the business of governing with justice and mercy.
We recognize that this body of leaders comes with many different concerns and ideas; we ask that your Holy Spirit bring a spirit of unity and purpose to this legislative session. May persons see the actions of this body and be able to say with the Psalmist, “How good and pleasant it is to see brothers and sisters dwell together in unity!” O loving savior, pour out your wisdom to all these legislators so that they may make decisions that lift up the fallen and give hope to the hopeless. Thank you, O God for your grace that guides us and fills us all with your love. In Christ’s name we pray and make our prayer. Amen.

165 words versus the 235-word prayer of Rev. Dr. Raymond Bryant of the African Methodist Espicopal Worship Center of Austin:

Almighty God, creator and sustainer of the universe, we come to You on this day with thanksgiving and praise for all the great things You have done. We thank You for a new year and for new opportunities. We thank You for new mercies and for Your continued grace. We thank You for those who serve the great State of Texas in this Legislature. God, we pray that in this session we are able to do the necessary things to ensure the best possible education for all the children of Texas. We pray that the ways and means for financing education are agreed upon and that we go forward together in advancing educational opportunities for all children. We pray for the President of the United States of America and his family. We pray for the troops at home and abroad and their families. We pray for the Governor and his family. God, we pray Your presence, power, and protection over each of them. We pray especially today for Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst. Be with him and guide him as he leads the Senate through this session. Bless him and his family in this season. And, finally, God, we pray that You bless the Senators and their respective families and allow this session to be productive and demonstrate the ability of all Texans to get along and do what is right and necessary for our state. Amen.






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