school finance: taxes are never that easy

Jorge left a comment on my last entry about the 1.50/100 rate tax cap and how we aren’t being capped at that.
The cap isn’t as clear as everyone, including me, make it out to be. Currently school district property tax rates are capped at 1.50/100 for maintenance and operations. They are, however, allowed to exceed that via the “interest and sinking” segment of district property taxes. The I&S segment covers long-term debt such as bonds. Looking at the Travis County Tax Assessor’s site of current tax rates, it appears that every school district within the county is at the 1.50/100 cap, except Pflugerville ISD at 1.490/100. PISD has the largest I&S segment making it the highest district property tax rate in Travis County.
That’s your Texas property tax lesson law lesson for the day.






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