that was a break

My first post of the year is tweleve days late. In that time, I’ve been a little bit of everywhere- Wichita Falls, Dallas, Austin, Houston and Wichita, KS.
Wichita Falls: I was in Wichita Falls for the bulk of the break for the usual family and friends’ meetings. The main thing I learned: three weeks is too long to be at home.
Dallas: I spent a short 24 hours in Dallas celebrating New Years’ with an old high school friend.
Houston: Another short trip, around 36 hours, visiting Vanessa. Off-topic, I declared my “Texas” hotdog as the Texas Chili Dog from James Coney Island in The Woodlands.
Wichita, KS: A weekend with delegates from six of the Big 12 schools. The Veritas Conference, as it was called, was the first in bringing together the Catholic Centers from the various Big 12 schools.
Austin: Home!
In the next week, I’ll be preparing for the semester starting on Tuesday.






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