national’s dean list

Opening my snail-mail today, I read:

You have been selected, as indicated above, to receive honorary award recognition by having your biography published in the 28th Annual Edition of The National Dean’s List, 2004/2205. … The National Dean’s List is the largest, most prestigious publication in the country recognizing gifted students selected by their deans, comparable faculty members of other educational organizations.

I really don’t know by which standards they decide such things. If you know me in the context of The University, you know that there is nothing I have done to deserve the most beautiful piece of junk mail nor is there anything I wish to do in order to make myself believe that this is an actual award.
I just shake my head.






2 responses to “national’s dean list

  1. Layla Avatar

    I got a letter in the mail and I am feeling the same way- what is it all about? I am not even through my 1st term yet, how could my name come up?

  2. Kraft Avatar

    Contact information, as well as major, is public information. Anyone requesting it has access to it- they probably just pulled a list of all students and sent it to all of us.

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