mexico and arizona

Tomorrow afternoon, myself and 30+ other people from the University Catholic Center will jump the country and make our way to Arteaga, Mexico. San Isidro Labrador parish in Arteaga is supported by the Diocese of Austin under an agreement with the bishop of Saltillo. The UCC group will be there Saturday to Saturday working on whatever various projects they have for us. It will mostly consist of manual labor and some interaction with the local childern.
Please keep us in your prayers.
From Mexico next week to Arizona this summer! Vanessa Gonzalez, program director for “Bapchule Bound 2005”, Stephanie Elliott and myself met this week regarding a summer pastoral mission trip to the St. Peter’s Indian Mission. We will be spending one week in late June at the mission (for those not aware of Catholic geographical terms, a “mission” is more or less a church that is not sufficient enough to be a “parish”).
We were able to hammer out a budget and some other logistical issues. Currently, Vanessa is in Bapchule, AZ discussing the trip with the staff there. Stay tuned for more information on it.
For those about to leave on Spring Break themselves, have a safe and fun-filled week.






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    Nate Erickson

    Have a save trip and know I will be praying for all of you.

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