works and prayer

We find prayer no less a struggle than did the first disciples, who wearied of their watch. Even our ministry can offer itself as a convincing excuse to be neglectful, since our exertions for the kingdom tempt us to imagine that our work may supply for our prayer. But without prayer we drift, and our work is no longer for Him. To serve Him honestly we must pray always and not give up. He will bless us in his time and lighten our burdens and befriend our loneliness.

— Congregation of Holy Cross Constitution 3.25
Too often, I find myself tired from the work of the day and instead of taking a few minutes to be in prayer- whether it be improv spoken prayer, meditation, Liturgy of the Hours, short phrases, whatever- I opt to think that the work of the day was the prayer I needed.
Before I continue, everyone of our actions should be a prayer. St. Therese of Lisieux is known for that. However, we are required to be in dialogue with our Creator. By taking time to simply pray, we allow ourselves to be silent for it is only in silence can we hear God’s voice over the day’s business. God speaks in all places and in all ways but in silence, we can refine his calling to us in an unique and important way.
Just as Jesus said to his early disciples, “Come, Follow me”, Jesus calls to us. If we are too busy in our work, even if that work is for the greater glory, we can fail to hear where we will find our peace.






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