xanga mirroring?

Andrea, a dear friend of mine that I don’t have the chance to catch up with nearly enough, mentioned that she was bummed about me ending my manual mirroring of my site onto Xanga. For those not aware, I used to copy/paste all my posts onto Xanga so the vast number of my friends using it could read up on me with ease.
With Andrea’s comment, I did a little investigation and a little playing. I have a script to mirror to Xanga without any action on my part. For me, it’s great because I have to do no work. For my Xanga readers, it’s great because you have to do no extra work.
It isn’t 100% complete yet but crossing all fingers, it’ll be up soon enough.






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    site upgrades in progress

    As mentioned previously, I’m working on a Xanga mirroring plugin for Movable Type. In theory, it is functional but I have to modify the MT base code. I don’t like that since anytime I upgrade the base code, I would…

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