site upgrades in progress

As mentioned previously, I’m working on a Xanga mirroring plugin for Movable Type. In theory, it is functional but I have to modify the MT base code. I don’t like that since anytime I upgrade the base code, I would have to reinsert that code. Once I figure out how to make it a plugin, we’ll be good.
I’ve added minor features that are invisible to you (for example, when hover you over here certain abbreviations- such as NASA, UT- some help text pops up telling you what those letters mean. The HTML tag to do that is done by the program without me having to remember).
I have enabled TypeKey authentication on the comments. This optional function allows you to use the TypeKey system to login before posting a comment. If you post to the site and I know you’re trustworthy, you’ll be able to post comments without waiting for my moderation. If the comment spam problem explodes again, I may require TypeKey authentication before posting a comment.
I’ve been playing with some other ideas to expand how I can use MT but nothing ready to discuss here.






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  1. nate Avatar

    kraft you are a crazy man. the whole abreviations with the hovering text….crazy

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