faulkner probably isn’t a fan

This morning I had breakfast with President Faulkner and about twelve other people as part of the University Interfaith Council. Among one of the topics discussed was the new hotel and conference center and the possible impact on the services and ministries of the various campus ministry programs.
Players’ came up and it was obvious that it probably isn’t his favorite place to eat. The hotel, according to him this morning, will be built using a single footprint for the hotel and garage at the location bounded by MLK, Whitis and University (he was unclear as to the northern boundry- it sounded like maybe even as far north as the lot directly south of the UCC?). The revised plan, with the garage under the hotel, is not ideal, more expensive and less functional than the original Players’-closing plan.
On a personal note, it was a little weird hearing him talk about it. I highly doubt he remembers my name from the press regarding it (assuming he heard it in the first place) but it was weird to be in conversation with him about it.






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