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As more things take more of my time, I find less of it to give to this website.
I enjoy playing with this thing- both the blog, my online calendar, tasks list, helpdesk program, room reservation scheduler, and so on and so on. It’s a way for me to destress. Well, except when the helpdesk program I’m thinking about using for the UCC’s computer lab sends an e-mail to everyone in my inbox. Remember to check what inbox you have any script access. Your “sandbox” inbox is not the same as your personal inbox. Lesson learned for me via 250 e-mails sent to everyone describing the “ticket” that was created for them.
I use this space in cyberspace to destress for multiple reasons. For one, I have to really think about it. I’m not a programmer and I don’t know anything real about computer programming. I have solid ideas on some aspects but if you gave me a blank screen and told me to program something, I am not sure I could really create anything. I could make a website but HTML/XHTML isn’t really a programming language. Since I don’t know what I’m doing, I take what I can find online. I look at the code (assuming it’s open source and I’m allowed to!), try to figure out what line does what action and modify it to fit my needs.
For two, it’s mine. This blog has become quite bloated, the code is untidy and it’s a bit of a mess. That’s okay. That’s okay because no one else looks at the code and no one really cares if the blog design is clean or not. Sure, I love people to read this site, a check thet logs every so often and I try to write to an audience but at the end of the day, if not a single person visits one of the “Brandon Kraft family of websites”, I’m fine with that. Although, once the Foundation has more to offer, I want more people to look at that. I digress.
Three, I can “play” and be productive at the same time. I used to use Microsoft Outlook for my calendar. It would sync with a website called Plaxo so I could access it when I wasn’t at home. I was becoming tired of Outlook and having to use this massive program if I just wanted to access a single date or a single contact. Plaxo worked fine but there are some limitations I didn’t like and couldn’t change (without paying money). How do I solve this? I’m playing around and setup an online calendar. I’ve been using nothing but this calendar since the start of the semester. If it doesn’t do what I want it to, I have enough ownership to play with it until I get it closer to what I want. Not to mention, I’m more accepting of a limitation of something I have control over versus something that someone else has made. The online room reservation system I found and adapted will be put into place at the Catholic Center after it has completed a testing cycle.
Four, when I really don’t want to study for a test I have in 12 hours, I can write an entry about nothing. Like I am doing now. Exactly like I am doing now.






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