the cell works again?

Update: I think the cell phone is fully functional again.
I was contacted directly by a tech to discuss the situation further and gave me his direct phone number, which I attempted and in fact rang directly to his desk, so if the problem continued, I could go directly past customer service.






3 responses to “the cell works again?

  1. Emily Avatar

    sometimes… 🙂 Make Cingular give you free service for LIFE!

  2. Random Musings Avatar

    this is war: a cingular story

    Alright. So I thought the problem I was having with my phone was fixed. This weekend, I find out that Vanessa and Stephanie both had this happen to them while attempting to call my phone. I call Customer Care tonight,…

  3. Random Musings Avatar

    round 3: cingular vs kraft

    For those keeping track of my various and many problems with Cingular, I heard back from them today. They asked if I am still experiencing the problem, of which currently I am not. Apparently, field techs report that problems in…

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