student office building

I’ve had this idea for some time now and I think it is ready for a public forum. Being a full-time college student is a full-time job. We’re in the classroom between 12, at the least, and 30 hours a week, depending on labs. Plus, we’re expected to study at least an hour a day per class. That isn’t including papers or projects.
When you have a job, you usually have an office. It may be a cubicle, it may be shared with other people but you have a work space separate from your home- unless, of course, that’s part of the agreement and even then, you can deduct what you spend on paper clips.
Students should have this too. I propose a new building on campus, the Student Office Building (SOB), to give students secured workspace. Every floor have offices throughout with group study areas, the conference rooms of the academic world.
Plus, since will be called SOB on UT maps, students will soon start calling it that as well. The best part is once the building becomes old and start to have system failures, which will happen (look at ESB), you can take out your aggression in a fun way: “Argh! Damn the SOB!”
I think it works.






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