texas isn’t ranked?

I’m in my social stats class going over some very basic terms: nominal and ordinal variables.
Ordinal variables are one that are ordered, or could be ranked. For example, when a poll asks “how happy are you?”, the answers are ordered: “Very happy”, “somewhat happy”, “neither”, “somewhat unhappy”, etc.
The professor then shocked everyone in the class.
“Nominal variables are ones that are not ordered or rank. For example, state of birth. There’s TEXAS! and then all of these other stupid states. I know I know, you all must be thinking ‘wait prof, state of birth is ordinal. It’s Texas and then it’s everyone else.’ Nope, I’m sorry. We all have a star on the flag just the same.”
He was instantly labled a traitor and the Texas Rangers arrested him. The University published a statement renouncing his tenure and disassociating itself from this “professor”.
Now, we can get back to teaching the truth that Texas is better than everyone else.
Yes. After the quote, it’s all a joke. No hate mail from anyone from puny states, okay?







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