traveling to paulist pre-assembly

On Tuesday, I flew from Ausin to New York CIty (LGA). I haven’t flown much and so far, every place I have traveled to included a direct flight. American, my airline of choice, doesn’t fly to LGA direct so I had to connect at DFW.
I arrive in DFW after an uneventful, on time flght from AUS. I check the departure board in the C Terminal of DFW. If you haven’t been, they’re large flat-screen monitors. Very classy. Anyhow, the 11:39 a.m. DFW-LGA is on time at gate C22.
I walk five feet and my cell phone buzzes.
It’s a text message from American. My flight is cancelled.
Confused, I went back to the departure board I was just at. It says on time still. I stare at it. ON TIME fades to CANCELLED.
Luckly, I called American at the number they sent with the text message. The ticket agent was extremely nice and put me onto a plane that left earlier- which I didn’t mind at all since I was already at the gate.
On the plane, we are delayed due to a broken part and then have to circle LGA for awhile. I end up arriving a bit before schedule.
I was told to take a taxi to get to the retreat house but I decided that I didn’t like that option. I find the Q33 bus and take that to a transfer station on 74th in Queens. I make my way to the F train and ride it to the end. After a nice two-block walk uphill, I’ve arrived at the Bishop Molloy Retreat Center.







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