sim card update

Good news. The second SIM card, scheduled for delivery on June 5th, arrived on time, without fail and worked. I’ve been talking away ever since.
Without thinking about it, I left the first SIM card’s tracking RSS feed in my RSS aggregator and went on with life. After the horror of a SIM card lost in transit slipped from my mind completely, I find a few new RSS items for my consideration.
The tracer, issued on 5/31/2006 for a package sent 5/25/2006 with a scheduled arrival date of 5/30/2005, found something. On 6/13/2006 at 10 a.m., UPS realized “An Incorrect Routing At A UPS Facility Caused This Delay;the Package Was Missorted At The Hub. It Has Been Rerouted To The Correct Destination Site”. That hub appears to be Houston, TX. At 7 p.m., a location scan was made citing the package to be in Houston.
A couple of hours ago the package left Houston in route to San Antonio, and from there, I assume on to Austin.






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