where is my sim card?

Well, I am still without a cell phone.
I ordered an unlocked phone from Amazon.com, that arrived in Wichita Falls on Thursday, May 25th. I had planned on picking up a SIM card at any of the million Cingular stores in Texas between Austin, Houston and Wichita Falls.
I arrive at a store in Houston and discover that the SIM card I need, a special one due to my account type, is not in stock in stores.
I call Cingular and they ship one to Austin, to arrive on Tuesday, May 30th due to the holiday.
On May 30th, no SIM card. I call Cingular and we all conference with UPS. They lost it. No idea where it is.
Cingular orders another one for me to try to get me up sooner rather than later. It is backordered.
It finally shipped and now is expected to reach Austin on Monday, June 5th.
To aid everyone who is completely struck in wonder about the location of my SIM card, i.e. my phone, i.e. my communitive life- let’s track it together with help from Google Reader and iSnoop.
Update: Okay, the Google Reader/iSnoop little thing is serving up really slow and so instead, you can click this link to find out where it is at…






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