just can’t get going

We shut off our AC.
Okay, not completely, but we’ve knocked it up to 85 degrees. Our City of Austin bill, which includes water, sewer, waste removal and electricity, was much higher than we expected. As this is the financially most difficult time of year, an unexpected high bill hurts.
Ever since then, however, I just haven’t been able to get anything done. While I’ve lived in Texas my entire life, I think I got the blood of my father’s family. I’d much prefer to be cold than hot and my mental ability, I think, are connected to this. I haven’t slept well; I lose focus quickly. Is this all due to the heat?
If you’d like to help….

Update: I’m referring to my home; not the UCC. The UCC’s electric bill is incredibly high, but we expect it. That being said, if you could help keep the bill down some by not using lights if you don’t need it, etc.






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