2007’s HB 28

In the Texas House Committee on State Affairs rest House Bill 28, a measure that would deny American citizens equal treatment due to their parent’s immigration status at the time of their birth.
This is a horrible bill.
HB 28 would restrict from American citizens the ability to be employed by the State or any political subdivision of the State, any loan, grant or license granted by the State (anything from plumber to barber to peace officer), retirement from the State, welfare, food stamps, health care benefits, disability assistance, public housing, public education or unemployment benefits.
The public education aspect includes ALL public education. Pre-K through Higher Education. An American citizen, born and raised in the United States, could not attend a public university or junior college under this law. I don’t believe this is what UT wanted when asking for restrictions on the Top 10% law.
Furthermore, there is no end to the penalty. There is no provision allowing benefits after any amount of time. If you’re 80 years old, even though you’re an American citizen, so be it- the State wouldn’t grant you any of what I mentioned above.
Again, this is not referring to undocumented immigrants (or “illegal aliens”, whatever you prefer). This bill only applies to the children of undocumented immigrants born in the United States, in other words, American citizens. It is beyond me why anyone would write such a bill that obviously would be found unconstitutional.
I’ll be keeping an eye on this and if it goes anywhere, I’ll post it on here. Pray that our leaders remember the inherent human dignity of each and every person from all corners of the world and that whatever laws they pass concerning them reflect their understanding of their dignity.






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