my next killer app

A “killer app” is an application that becomes a must-have and literally changes the socio-technical landscape. Going very old school, writing, literacy and currency all were killer apps in their own time. More recently, e-mail is a killer app. Without it, you’re way behind and only get further and further behind.
Facebook and/or MySpace are both quickly approaching killer apps for the social world. The business world hasn’t had a real killer app since e-mail, or perhaps the online store.
Today, I found a site I can’t believe I didn’t know about soon—SlideShare.
SlideShare is “the YouTube for Powerpoint” allowing you to post your PowerPoint (or OpenOffice or Keynote) presentation files and allow others to view them.

Now, that is cool and all. I’d post about it if that was the only thing it did. You can also merge a MP3 online with your SlideShare presentation and create a complete audio-integrated presentation. The web app allows you to set transition points in the audio so the slide only advances with the audio requires it.

I have a few presentations I’ll be giving during this next semester and I’m eager to try this out. If nothing else, the UCC Town Hall meeting would be a great time to try this out.
P.S. The presentation that includes the “Inbox Zero” slideshow was given at a Google Tech Talk. It is a great talk.






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