Category: New Stuff

  • Code is Poetry… and Warm!

    The WordPress swag store added a couple of products yesterday. A Wapuu Christmas ornament and, my personal favorite, the “WordPress Ugly Holiday Sweatshirt“, which I don’t think is ugly at all. I’ve been eager to see this in production since Nick Hamze first teased it on his site in October and it is finally available […]

  • Austin Catholic New Media now live!

    The website for Austin Catholic New Media went live a few hours ago. I have an introductory blog post online on the site soon, but it will be a great tool for exploring the intersection of the Catholic world with today’s new media. Add the feed to your reader, follow them on Twitter, like them […]

  • my next killer app

    A “killer app” is an application that becomes a must-have and literally changes the socio-technical landscape. Going very old school, writing, literacy and currency all were killer apps in their own time. More recently, e-mail is a killer app. Without it, you’re way behind and only get further and further behind. Facebook and/or MySpace are […]

  • new desk

    Today, I bought a new desk from IKEA. I had been a big fan of IKEA. I’ve never gone crazy, but my twin bookshelves are from their Houston and Round Rock stores. If a new person to Austin needs furniture, among others, I suggest IKEA. Today’s shopping experience left me disenchanted with IKEA. I’ll save […]

  • google maps + transit for austin

    After being a bit jealous of NYC and other big cities when I found Google Maps’ new “Street View” and mentioning the incredible uses possible after integration with Google Transit, Google added a little something for Austin that made me smile. The progress toward an integrated Google Transit and Google Maps had made a step […]

  • google maps adds “street view”

    Google Maps added a new feature allowing a “street view” of a few of the larger cities in the U.S. This view is literally what you would see if you were standing in the middle of the street that is completely navigable. For example, you can start at the Paulist Residence on 59th Street in […]