new desk

new-desk.jpgToday, I bought a new desk from IKEA.
I had been a big fan of IKEA. I’ve never gone crazy, but my twin bookshelves are from their Houston and Round Rock stores. If a new person to Austin needs furniture, among others, I suggest IKEA. Today’s shopping experience left me disenchanted with IKEA. I’ll save the details for another day but it was the longest evening I’ve experienced in quite some time.
After a few hours, I was able to assemble both the desk and the matching drawer unit and all in all, I’m glad I made the purchase. The old desk I was using was simply too small for my requirements. My laptop fit onto it and not too much more.
I was wanting to add some matching features to the desk, but alas, IKEA’s idea of availability leaves my heart still wanting.
The new apartment is one step closer to being a home.







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