Code is Poetry… and Warm!

The WordPress swag store added a couple of products yesterday. A Wapuu Christmas ornament and, my personal favorite, the “WordPress Ugly Holiday Sweatshirt“, which I don’t think is ugly at all.

This is not an ugly Christmas sweater. It's a sweatshirt.
This is not an ugly Christmas sweater. It’s a sweatshirt.

I’ve been eager to see this in production since Nick Hamze first teased it on his site in October and it is finally available to the masses. It is an amazing piece of clothing and the reaction on Twitter has been intense.

If you don’t follow Nick’s site and appreciate, on any level, swag, WordPress swag, Wapuu, Wapuu swag, then you’re just missing out on a thought leader.

Nick also runs the Unofficial Wapuu Fan Site and just published a great post on the origins of Wapuu.



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