Democrats for Life

A few minutes ago, I finished and submitted my own Open Letter to President-Elect Barack Obama. In the letter, for me, a first. I admitted that I am energized by the Democratic Party.

Before now, I have walked the “moderate” line, since, well, that’s what I am. I lean left on economic, foreign, national security, immigration, et al., issues, but I disagree with the pro-choice focus of the Democratic Party. (Additionally, I disagree on the current redefining of marriage, but there are various aspects of the issue that I think are interesting/important/discussion-worthy that have not been discussed. More sometime in the future).

I confessed that while I want to be a Democrat, I cannot, in good conscience, be aligned to a body so much in support of one of the few simply evil things that still commonly exist in this world.

After sending the letter, I found the Democrats for Life group. Does anyone know much about them? They’re promoting their “95-10 Initiative“, which aims to reduce the number of abortions by 95% in the next ten years by such measures as having more Federal support for women who want to carry their baby to term.

On their site, they mention that abstaining from sex is the only surefire way to prevent an unwanted pregancy, but admit that we can’t ignore the risky behavior that exist in our society. They do not support any particular bills related to preventing pregnancies, but frankly, in a religious era where most faiths, no matter their stance on abortion, find little wrong with contraception, I understand that I can tackle this issue later.

I have to run to a First Friday adoration shift that I signed up for, but really, does anyone know anything about the Democrats for Life?






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