McDonald’s is unfriendly to people with allergies

My sister went to the McDonald’s location in Wal-Mart on Lawrence Rd in Wichita Falls yesterday. She ordered a hamburger for my niece, who is a toddler, and is very allergic to many, many things. In order for her to safely consume a hamburger, it must be plain with meat and bun only. Dry. Nothing else.

After ordering the hamburger, it arrived with ketchup and pickles. My sister returned to the counter to request a replacement because of her daughter’s allergies. The employees made fun of my niece and offered to “scrape the ketchup” off of the bun. My sister replied that she’s deathly allergic and that’s not acceptable.

The employees continued to mock and make fun of my niece and her condition. The situation ended when my sister threw the hamburger at the cook, apologized to the other patrons and left.

Currently, my niece is at Cook’s Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth for tests. [Editor’s note: My understanding is that she is at Cook’s for testing unrelated to the McDonald’s event. It was originally written to underscore that McD’s is treating a sick kid badly. Ronald McDonald’s Charities would be proud.]

Personally, I’m boycotting McDonald’s until they respond in a way acceptable to the family.

This occurred at the McDonald’s location in Wal-Mart Supercenter #1148 located at 3130 Lawrence Rd, Wichita Falls, TX 76308. Wal-Mart’s phone number is (940) 692-0771.

The McDonald’s phone number is 940-691-8833. McDonald’s does have an online contact form, however. This occured on April 21, 2009 for lunch.






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  1. lisa Avatar

    I contacted McDonald’s via their email comment card. I told them about the incedent and informed them that our family would not longer be eating there. There are other places that take our health to heart and will help when we let them know that we have to have our food a certain way. Seeing that there are several people that have food allergies, it is important to us to eat where we know the staff care.

  2. lisa Avatar

    McDonald’s called me this morning and I gave our sister the phone number for the owner/operator. The owner was upset that her employees would treat anyone like that and that they would be “taken care of”. Sounds like they be let go, unless you take the “taken care of” in the mafia meaning!!! kidding

  3. The Journeyman Avatar

    McD’s Responds

    In response to the issue mentioned on this blog earlier, McD’s responded: Hello Brandon: Thank you for taking the time to contact McDonald’s Customer Service Center to bring your recent experience to our attention. First, I hope you will…

  4. josepH Howell Burton Avatar
    josepH Howell Burton

    So you have successfully had some ex-Mickey D’s employee(s) rubbed out, Brandon? That Wichita Falls area is tougher than I remembered.
    Remind me to stay on your good side. 😉
    I’m eating all of my future burgers at Dan’s and at Dirty Martin’s in solidarity with youse guys.

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