Review – The Noticer

Arriving in stores tomorrow is The Noticer by Andy Andrews and published by Thomas Nelson. In the book, the author follows the life of a homeless youth who is found by Jones, a wander himself who “notices” enough about people to help them see a new way of thinking. In addition to helping the homeless youth realize that he’s able to do more than sit under a pier, Jones seems to help everyone in the town one way or another. He’s everyone’s best friend, yet no one really knows anything about the “noticer”.

The book is an uplifting, quick read that did not draw me to any new thoughts, but reminded me of simple things I already knew–to be kind to others, that life isn’t all about yourself, and that life can be great or horrible depending on simply how you choose to view your situation. The author writes the book in a tone that suggests that the end is already known and thus lacking suspense. Jones seemed too good to be real and I struggled with that throughout the book.

Despite these limitations, the book is just right to remind the reader that even the worst of situations have a silver lining and a reminder for us not to take things for granted. I think the book would make a great gift for the always too-cynical high school guy.







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