Troubled Soul

Austin Plane Crash 1I read the so-called manifesto written by the gentleman, Joe Stack, who is assumed to be the pilot of the Austin plane crash into IRS offices. In short, what a troubled soul. Nothing, nothing can justify, on any level, such criminal and inhumane actions.

Reading his nearly final words and to hear how he understood his life to unfold is simply sad. Sounds like he contributed as much to his problems as anyone else, but nevertheless sad to know that people exist under such troubled states.

He made plenty of stabs at the Catholic Church and the tax-exempt status exercised by religious institutions, which frankly, aren’t worth defending. Beyond simply that the tax code allows it, the charitable work done by most mainline religious organizations, which, in many cases, saves the government from increased spending on social services, justifies the exemption.

That being said, I do have some issue with churches being exempt from state unemployment insurance, but I digress.

In short, in addition to praying for all those innocent folks who were killed (if any, the latest news hasn’t indicated any deaths), injured or otherwise impacted, let’s pray for him and all others under such stress. May no one else see this as an example of how to handle this type of stress and may they find enough help to keep them going.

Picture by Alberto Martinez AMERICAN-STATESMAN






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