V’s Voice

A few days ago, I helped my wife setup a blog at http://v.kraft.im . I know I’m biased, but I’m impressed with her and her blog so far. Read it, add it to your feedreader, tell your friends about it.

We were talking a few minutes ago about the benefits of blogging and one comment she’s made over the past months in the Olivia era is that she felt like she was losing her quick-witted nature.

Me: “I think one good thing about your blog is you can practice your wit.”
V: “Yeah, let’s face it, Olivia doesn’t get it. I say something witty and she just stares. [imitation of a blank stare].”

I miss blogging as much as I used to and V is helping to remind me of the fun of it. I’ve increased reading blogs through Google Reader while decreasing actually writing in one. There just has to be a better balance. How much of blogging is about making a brand image for yourself and how much of it is expressing yourself? What’s the balance?






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