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NYC: Church of St Paul the Apostle

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Editor’s Note: I wrote this post while in NYC a couple of weeks ago, but wasn’t able to post it and then, well, forgot about it.

I’ve spent the last
three days at the Bishop Molloy Passionist Retreat House in Jamiaca, NY (which
is actually Queens, but as far as “city” names go, everything in
Queens is connected to a local neighborhood “city”). While i wish I
could be taking an actual retreat here in the midst of everything, I’ve been
taking part in a Pre-Assembly Regional Meeting for the Paulist Fathers
religious order.


I’ll break this all


The Paulist Fathers
is the religious order that has probably done things you’ve heard about,
without realizing it. They staff St. Austin’s and the University Catholic
Center in Austin. They are the guys behind the Busted Halo website and SiriusXM
Satilitte Show. The movie Entertaining Angels about Dorothy Day and Romero
about slained Archbishop Oscar Romero were produced by Paulist Productions. If
you’re ever heard of Greenleaf’s Servant Leadership, the Paulist Press
publishes that book as well as countless others. They were the first religious
order founded in the United States by a citizen of the United States. Their
mission is to serve as Missionaries to North America, giving the Gospel a


Every four years, the
Paulists elect fellow Paulist priests to serve on their Assembly. This is the
highest-authority body within the Order and they set the agenda for the next
four years for the newly elected or re-elected president to enflesh. Prior to
the Assembly meeting, which will take place in May 2010, they invite all
Paulists as well as lay associates and collaborators to gather to discuss the
current situation of the Order and to get an idea of the rumblings from the
ground for the Assembly.

I can’t say too much about it. No, there’s not some super secret church rule. Since there is no ordination this year, they aren’t asking everyone to travel to one place at one time for the pre-assembly, but rather to one of three regional meetings across the country. The final regional meeting is yet to occur and to respect the process, they asked that we not comment on the listening session to those who are yet to attend. While I don’t know if any Paulists or Paulist collaborators read this, I’d rather not chance it.

I will say that I was very impressed with how open, honest and candid the Paulist family can be when looking at major issues. Please keep the Paulist Fathers and their new leadership in your prayers






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