When An Abortion Goes Wrong

Newborn after typical hospital birth

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I understand that there’s debate on whether or not abortion should be legal. I think it should be restricted as much as possible. There, sometimes, are, however, those stories you hear about where I’m not sure how anyone would think an act is acceptable.

In Rossano, Italy, a story of a baby boy aborted at 22 weeks survived, abandoned for 24 hours until being discovered and taken to a neonatal unit. The boy died the next day. ZENIT (ignore the warning if you’re using a browser trying to protect you from harm) has the full story. In short, the abortion was performed, the child survived and was left on a sheet in a container on Saturday. On Sunday, someone noticed movement in the container and alerted a hospital chaplain. 

This is disgusting. I’m ignoring the decision to have an abortion for the moment, but for the doctors to deliver a living child and to just leave it? I don’t care what belief system you have and your thoughts on abortion, that’s murder. I’m completely outraged. I realize the goal was to eliminate the fetus/baby’s life, but to leave it, alone, suffering? The kid lived for a whole day at 22-weeks after conception outside of the womb. The baby completed his first day with almost his entire life (with life being used by the current, least-common-denominator-definition, that is, from birth) alone in a trash container.

In all honesty, I don’t get very emotionally involved with the issue of abortion itself. I suppose I understand the logical fallacy that folks are using to justify it. I completely think it is wrong and think their logic is, literally, fatally flawed, but I don’t get pissed about it.

This is a completely different matter. It’s hard for me to let Olivia cry for more than a minute without going to her. To rip a child from the womb prematurely, never to be held by loving arms, left to die alone… it is sub-human.






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