10 Months? Seriously?

Back to the Future

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Today, my little girl, O, is 10 months old. These past months have flown by. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think I was like Einstein, Doc Brown‘s dog who was the first time traveler into the future in Back To The Future who went a minute into the future without any idea time had passed for everyone else. 

We sat for family pictures as part of our parish’s photo directory and today, our copies arrived in the mail. Looking at her in the picture, it seems impossible to remember a time before she was born while it seems impossible to believe that she’s graced us (outside the womb) for 10 months now.

You should see these pictures though. She’s a child who laughs and smiles all of time. All of the time, except if there is a camera nearby. The little one is slack-jawed in any picture with all of three of together. I love her, but man, she doesn’t understand she should smile when sitting for a picture.

She is finally sleeping through the night. She can’t stay awake past 6 p.m., sometimes earlier. However, she’s been slowly waking up earlier and earlier, now creeping closer to 4 a.m. ::sigh::

Even with that, her separation anxiety anytime V is in the room and not holding her, and all of her other quarks, I wouldn’t change a thing.






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