Moving A’Coming

Editor’s Note: This is intentionally scheduled to publish a time after it was written due to possible security concerns of announcing to the Internet that either our current/past or future/present residence is unoccupied.

Today is July 7, 2010 and we’re days away from the move from our condo in South Austin to a house in East Austin. In a few minutes, we’re heading over to enter the house as the owners for the first time.
We’ve been waiting for this for awhile. Olivia’s crib is in our bedroom. She doesn’t sleep well and we don’t sleep well with all three of us in there. She wakes up at 4:30 or 5 a.m. every morning and, since she sees us in the room, she yells at us until we wake up. Before we go to sleep, if she awakes, she goes back to sleep. I really think she is thinking along the lines of something like this:

It is boring to be awake if Mom and Dad aren’t around. But, if Mom and Dad are sleeping, then what the hell! Wake up and play with me! Why are you just lying there! Get your lazy bums out of bed and get me out of here! It’s 4:30 a.m. for crying out loud! Why are you still asleep!

We’re looking forward to having a separate bedroom for Olivia.
Moreover, we’ve been cramped. We’ve been storing boxes in front of the fireplace. Anytime someone spends the night, I have to put my work on-hold to re-arrange the office to convert it back into a guest room. It has been difficult to live in a small two-bedroom condo with three people and an office (not to mention any future growth in the family).

Wish us luck.






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