Young Life Cut Short

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Perhaps it is because Notre Dame is the story-tale Catholic university. Or perhaps, moreso, it is because it is the alma mater of my wife. In either case, I follow Notre Dame closer than most and I feel that I share a very tiny part of their joys and sorrows.

Yesterday’s news of a ND student dying after the lift he was on collapsed hurts. The student, Declan Sullivan, was a student-working for the athletics department filming a football team practice so that the players can see an aerial view. It was a windy day in Notre Dame and, after a gust of 51 MPH, the lift fell. Sullivan was transported to the hospital where he was declared dead a short time later.

Sullivan’s “last tweets” were recorded. It’s eerie. At the beginning of his shift, we mentioned the wind and that “I guess I’ve lived long enough.” A short while later, he tweeted “Holy F***. Holy F***. This is terrifying.” Not long afterword, the lift fell.

Tragic. Senseless.

Why would anyone allow this to happen? Why would it make sense to go up in that thing with the weather like that? He knew before he went up it wasn’t safe. It’s incredible. It’s Notre Dame. How much would it cost to built a permanent structure? I imagine they film virtually every practice. It’s going to be used. Why keep using something that shouldn’t be used in winds over 25 MPH and experts say, really, shouldn’t be used in winds over 10 MPH.

My prayers go out to him, his family, his friends and those who share responsibility.






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