Playing with WordPress

For the past couple of hours, I’ve been trying to tweak a couple of things on this blog that have been bugging me since moving from Movable Type to WordPress. The RSS feed (what provides my postings to Google Reader, etc) has been screwy and, I think, still does not show the entire entry even though the settings are correct. The AdSense banners weren’t right. Lots of little things.

WordPress did a nice job on their plugins. It is really easy to install new plugins. I’ve installed all kind of plugins to play with this or that feature. That’s fine, except the plugins can break large chunks of the site and it’s harder than heck to figure it out. One plugin, which had zero to do with RSS, caused those feeds to break. After spending much more time than I should have trying to track the problem, I finally deactivate all plugins. The feed worked instantly.

After a process of trial and error, figured it out and installed an alternative plugin that provides the same functionality.

I do apologize for all my recent postings being re-served to RSS subscribers. I’m trying to track that problem…






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