Review: Daddy Dates

Daddy Dates, by Greg Wright, is a great read. It’s been awhile since I couldn’t set a book down and it grabbed me from the forward until the end. The book is written by a father outlining his method of creating a lasting, meaningful and personal relationship with each of his four daughters. The primary tool outlined in the book are “Daddy Dates”, which are, generally, one-on-one outings with your daughter and designed to make them feel special. The author connects this to when dating your spouse: you had to really work at creating and maintaining that relationship and you have to do the same with your daughters.

As the father of two very young daughters, I was personally excited about this idea. Greg writes in a humorous, personal voice that makes you laugh out loud and tear up on more than one occasion. His idea is simple, but not one articulated very often. The book’s presentation of content is, all-in-all, logical. There is a chapter specifically for divorced dads that was good, but seemed to be awkwardly placed. I’m fine chalking it up to “the content needed to be in there, so it is what it is.” Besides that one issue, the book is excellent. Again, the idea is so simple that any father can do it and if more fathers did do it, the world would be a better place to raise daughters.

Some of his ideas (e.g. the ages that his daughters can date) may seem too “old school” for today’s world, but they way he explains them, it makes sense. While he is sure of his parenting style, his style of writing does not impose his thoughts as the sole way to accomplish these goals, but only as a suggested roadmap that worked for one dad.

This is a guy’s book. Written by a guy for guys. There is a good mix of theory, analogy and real-world experience using language that guys will understand and translate into an applicable vision. I’m sure ladies will enjoy the book too; the author sounds like a really sweet guy.

In short, if you’re the father of a daughter, this book is well-worth it. It would make a great gift, e.g. moms can give a Fathers’ Day gift too!

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Additionally, on May 14th, the author is promoting “National Daddy/Daughter Tea”–go grab tea/coffee with your daughter that morning. On the book’s website, there is a list of locations currently setup.

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