Father’s Day

A couple of days ago, Vanessa took the girls to “run errands”. When they returned, I was taking Olivia upstairs and we had the following conversation:

Me: Olivia, did you have fun with Catalina and Mommy?

Olivia: Yeah, yeah yeah.

Me: Where did y’all go?

Olivia: Moo.

Me: Moo? Where?

Olivia: Moo.

Olivia at the University Co-OpVanessa had to share the moment, so she let me in the secret. They went to the University Co-Op, which is a Disneyworld of UT Longhorn-themed merchandise, to pick up something for me for Father’s Day. In Olivia’s world, it was a place with cows everywhere. I didn’t get it, but she let Daddy in on her and Mom’s secret.






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