Design Notes

I’m beginning the process of redesigning my website, but since I’m not going to have a free weekend to knock it out (as I did with V’s Voice), you’ll get to see the process live. My overall goal is have a cleaner website that better promotes my content. A liveblog, of sorts, after the jump, follows, detailing the effort.

2011-07-11: Added contact form to the Contact page and edited the menus/categories a little.

2011-07-10: Activated the new base theme and set very very basic parameters. This included a temporary topnav menu, sidebar elements, etc. I’m going to overhaul this quite a bit, but it’ll be bit-by-bit.






2 responses to “Design Notes

  1. Wayne Avatar

    What are you using to design your website? I’m currently working on one using ruby on rails

    1. Brandon Kraft Avatar

      I had been with Movable Type for years (almost a full decade…), but crossed the river to WordPress. Taking a theme framework and slowly building a child theme up around it.

      With Vanessa’s site, took some plugins from others and implemented them as-is, modified others, and built a couple of custom ones to implement things she wanted to see.

      Fun learning experience thus far.

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