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New “California Stop” Signage

The City of Austin is apparently testing out a new form of intersection signage to indicate that a “California Stop”, also known as a rolling stop, is allowed at an intersection. The test has not resulted in any accidents and may lead the way for future intersection signage.

California Stop?

In reality, a developer installed these signs in part of the Mueller neighborhood. The street is slowly being expanded to include a median and this is one of the crossovers, currently the end of the divided section. One of the two signs will be removed at some point, but why install two in the first place? Why leave them both up for weeks (at this point)?

By Brandon Kraft

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5 replies on “New “California Stop” Signage

Thanks for getting it fixed so quick. The signage looks great! I guess people get to decide if they’d rather stop or yield at this intersection. Whichever they’re feeling at that moment. Haha

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