10,000 Days

Today is a red-letter day. Yes, it is the 176th anniversary of our Independence, but more relevant and important, today is my 10,000th day of life.

A bit more arbitrary than a birthday, sure, but a milestone nonetheless. I remember watching a movie when I was around 11 years old about how your 10th birthday is a big deal since it’s when you “add a digit” to your age. We’re in double-digits for a long time, so the 10th is a big milestone too.

10,000 is even more so! I’m haven’t added a digit to my days of life count since I was Olivia’s age (her 1,000th day is coming up in May on my Mom’s birthday) and won’t add another one until the USS Enterprise is responding to a distress call from Vulcan (in the new timeline for you Trekkies).

While about 6,500 of my first 10,000 days were spent at home preparing for the roughly 22,500 days of adult life, I’ve had 3, 500 days to get this far in life. I’ve wasted plenty of those days. What will I be able to do with the next 10,000 if I’m purposeful with them?

Now, I will go, purposefully, and keep pushing forward on getting a client site built.

What's your 10,000th day of life without some fun wordart?






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