Genesis eNews Extended v0.1.5 Released

Version 0.1.5 of the Genesis eNews Extended plugin is now public. This version features an option to let the confirmation screen open in the same tab. Check it out using my subscribe form. This setting will work for all non-Feedburner lists.

Why not FeedBurner? FeedBurner assumes a new window. The confirmation screen includes a “Close Window” link and it doesn’t smoothly transition you back to your own site. Why let folks take people off of their site without a way to get back? Other services, like MailChimp, allow you to define your own page as the confirmation, which is what I did. In this case, visitors don’t have to worry about the MailChimp name or what they’re doing on this site.

By default, it will use a new window, which is the previous behavior and what mimics the original widget.

Additionally, there ia a, um, hidden feature. The source code adds optional first and last name fields for those who wish to track names of their subscribers as well. If you un-comment five or so lines (two separate places), you can take advantage of this now. I don’t anticipate another release before enabling these new fields, but for full disclosure, an upgrade will remove any custom coding fun you have.

Why is it commented out? In short, this is a big change for the widget. Up to now, we’re assuming the styling conventions used by StudioPress. If you’re using one of StudioPress’ themes, you can use with widget without having to know/edit any CSS. Adding new fields would change that for users wishing to use them. For example, my site now has a small envelope icon in the e-mail field. You likely wouldn’t want your name field to include that icon–that requires some custom CSS somewhere along the way.

My original idea was to enable the fields and simply tell people to edit style.css to make it work. As I’ve fielded support for the plugin, though, I realize that many folks (at least, those who are seeking support) are generally using stock themes and may or may not have a strong sense of CSS styling. Honestly, I’m debating a) just having the fields in there and require style.css changes, b) having a settings screen to add custom CSS that would be applied to the subscribe area or c) some other solution.

In the mean time though, if you’re skilled enough to enable it, it’s there.

Have fun and enjoy!

Posted by Brandon Kraft

My life is an open-source book.

15 Replies to “Genesis eNews Extended v0.1.5 Released

  1. Thanks for this update Brandon – Now I can implemente the new name field across my clients sites  easily 🙂 One happy camper here!


    1. Ok so I am not very talented when it comes to CSS. Any chance you are using AWeber and could maybe share how it’s done? I would love to implement the name fields as well. Am using a custom Aweber form now, but it doesn’t look as clean as this plugin would. I’d really appreciate any help in this!

      Thanks in advance!


  2. Alexandra Kleijn January 3, 2013 at 12:37

    I would love to use your plugin Brandon, but currently it doesn’t seem to support double opt-in. Any plans to add that in a future version? ( In my country I am legally required to let my subscribers confirm their subscription.


    1. Http:// January 3, 2013 at 13:47

      Ah, I just got the confirmation email, so double opt-in is enabled after all. The confirmation page seemed to imply that there were no other steps necessary.


      1. Glad it works how you need it to. The plugin just ties into the mailing list service you’re using, so the confirmation page, double opt-in options, etc are set by the service you’re using, not the plugin.

        Don’t hesitate to drop a note if you have other issues or questions! Cheers.


  3. Ermmm where do I hack the plugin to change CSS etc in the WP dashboard? #WPnoob 🙂 I want to ‘align center’ the text and buttons, simple stuff like that. Thanks in advance


    1. A couple of ways: 1. Using FTP, edit style.css in your /wp-content/themes/NAME-of-THEME/ folder or 2. Under Appearance->Editor in the /wp-admin/ area of your site.

      The plugin doesn’t offer any CSS of it’s own–it depends on your theme’s styling for everything.


      1. Ok, thanks so much for the reply @Brandon. Worked beautifully! 🙂


  4. [comment deleted by site owner]


    1. Wayne: Whatever your beef, legit or not, this is not the venue for it nor do I appreciate my blog being used for that. Deleting your comment now.


  5. Hi Brandon!
    I’m trying to add the eNews extended to my Genesis site to add email subscriptions at the bottom of each post. I added the two code snippets from Brian Gardner’s article to the CSS in editor before the footer in the code and I’ve loaded the plugins. Am I supposed to have a Newletter choice in the widget area now? I don’t have anywhere to put my plugin.

    Does the code need to go somewhere else in the CSS? Thank you in advance for your help!


    1. Brandon Kraft April 6, 2013 at 12:34

      Hi Peggy,

      The first code snippet (the one with genesis_register_sidebar) is supposed to go in your theme’s functions.php file. That’ll create the Newsletter section in your Appearance->Widgets area. The second one is for the CSS, which will style how it is displayed.

      If you need further help, please start a new support thread here: . Trying to go back and forth in the comments for support can get really difficult 🙂



      1. Peggy Fitzpatrick April 6, 2013 at 12:50

        Thank you for your help, Brandon!


  6. Brandon,
    Looking to center align my text in enews. Where in editor in the css do i change it from left to center?
    thanks so much!


    1. The CSS is the same as your theme’s, so the style.css in your theme’s directory. The plugin itself doesn’t provide any styling; relying completely on your theme.


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