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  • Automatic Updates in WordPress

    Automatic Updates in WordPress

    What are automatic updates in WordPress even? Forced updates? What about the UI? Here’s a full explainer.

  • Adoption by Stealth

    Adoption by Stealth

    Colin Walker mentioned my earlier piece on the Open Web and tied back to an earlier piece on “Adoption by Stealth“. In the end, I think technology adoption by stealth is the only way to make an idea dominant. With the open web (I use that term intentionally since “Indie Web” is much more of…

  • The Open Web

    The Open Web

    The most powerful aspect of the Internet is the open web. From the very beginning, there has been a conflict with on one side walled gardens and closed networks with open standards and interoperability on the other. My first experience with an online world was dial-up into AOL and exploring their internal experiences. Only rarely…

  • I have an itch to get a number of people in the same virtual room and make a strong modern indieweb standards push into either Jetpack or Core. Also on: Twitter Facebook

  • Stats in the Open

    Stats in the Open

    John James Jacoby had the idea for an open stats platform. A Google Analytics that was open for anyone to see any site’s stats. Experimenting with opening things up and transparency is interesting to me, so after he floated the idea and then tweeted this: What the hell, let’s give it a go. I…

  • Let’s Encrypt!

    Let’s Encrypt!

    Let’s Encrypt—the free, automated SSL certificate authority is now in public beta. Check out my experience installing it on Nginx.