Stats in the Open

John James Jacoby had the idea for an open stats platform. A Google Analytics that was open for anyone to see any site’s stats.

Experimenting with opening things up and transparency is interesting to me, so after he floated the idea and then tweeted this:

What the hell, let’s give it a go. I don’t have a ton of traffic (and most of it is still about the Genesis eNews Extended plugin I wrote four years ago), so it might not be the most interesting data to anyone else.

That said, browse around the site some, then check out my stats via Flox common stats dashboard.

Initially, the tracker also counted admin page views, but I’m uneasy about that so I restricted it to front-end and login page tracking. I might change my opinion or include only content editing admin pages (while leaving true administrative pages hidden).

What do y’all think of this type of transparency?







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