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Last Updated: 25-Feb-2021, Latest Stable: ver. 2.2.0

Installation Help? A growing list of providers is being gathered.

Genesis eNews Extended History

I use Genesis by StudioPress now. When helping install one of their themes, I didn’t like having to really screw around with CSS to make a non-Feedburner subscribe form look the same way as the subscribe forms in the demos. This plugin fixed that.

In addition, Brian Gardner reached out to me about Genesis 1.9. In 1.9, StudioPress began to depreciate the eNews Widget is Genesis core and recommends this plugin in its place. The previous eNews widget was completely removed in Genesis 2.0

Lastly, while designed with Genesis in mind, there is nothing in the plugin that would prevent it from functioning on a non-Genesis site.

Download the latest stable version: Genesis eNews Extended 2.0.0

The widget asks for the form action, the e-mail field name and any hidden fields. On your mailing list provider’s code, copy/paste the<form action="COPY JUST THIS PART"> into the form action box and the <input name="THIS FIELD" type="text" /> of the e-mail form field into the “e-mail field” name box. If your service uses hidden fields <input type="hidden"...>, paste that in the proper box. (More detailed tutorials for select services.)

I’ve confirmed it works with Feedburner, MailChimp, Constant Contact, FeedBlitz and others.

Known Issues: Tracked on GitHub. 


Visit the changelog.


For support, please create a post on the Support Page for the eNews Extended plugin. I receive each post and others in the future can see it to help them self-resolve issues.


51 responses to “Genesis eNews Extended

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  7. Dave Avatar

    Having trouble getting widget to connect to Feedburner, when email address is entered get error message saying email subscriptions are not turned on for website. my site

    1. Brandon Kraft Avatar
      Brandon Kraft

      That typically means the Feedburner ID isn’t the right one or within Feedburner, the e-mail subscription option hasn’t been turned on.

  8. Ali Burden-Blake Avatar

    Works with Campaign Monitor too 🙂 Thanks!

  9. John Bogdanski Avatar

    No Luck with aweber tho’.

    1. Brandon Kraft Avatar
      Brandon Kraft

      If you still need help, can you open a thread at ? Thanks! The plugin has worked for Aweber for a lot of folks.

  10. Damien Avatar

    Where is the more detailed Mailchimp tutorial you mention above? I have the form action working fine but it is not posting the name and email to the form when it opens in a new window. The instructions above are not very clear on what to put in the Email and First Name fields in the widget.

    1. Brandon Kraft Avatar
      Brandon Kraft

      Hi Damien,

      There’s a link to the instructions at the top of the page, but here’s a direct link to the screencast for MailChimp:

      If you have any issues, please open a ticket at


  11. vicentedepablo Avatar

    Hi! Love the plugin. What about Wysija compatibility?? does it work yet?? Thank you very much. Cheers, V.

    1. Brandon Kraft Avatar
      Brandon Kraft

      Some in the past been able to get it working:

      I’m waiting on a patch from the Wysija team that will hopefully make it smoother.

  12. vicentedepablo Avatar

    Thank you very much indeed for your prompt reply Brandon 🙂
    I will check it. I was just trying with a Wysija widget I had just seen in my widgets page but obviously it woud be better to go with your Genesis own solution integrated in most studiopress’s themes’ design…

    thanks, I will try and be waiting pro the patch too. :=)

    1. Brandon Kraft Avatar
      Brandon Kraft

      Their widget will work just fine, but likely won’t be styled as the eNews widget would be.

      If I don’t get something from them soon, I might just try to figure it out myself 🙂

  13. vicentedepablo Avatar

    Yep. It works wonderfully, I just tried. E-mail verification without leaving your wordpress, no external redirection involved, very pro-looking proccess. Not very different from enews extended in genesis sample theme at least (I am checking it now in sidebar if you need to check) so it doesn’t seem difficult to style back to the theme’s design even for a newbie like me.
    However, if you are so kind… I think the best way is going with Genesis Enews Extended to get each Genesis Theme’s best and be sure you are getting the advantages of the framework…
    Thank you very much for the replies (and the eventual solution/try 😉

  14. bmchaves Avatar

    Hello Brandon
    I’m in Portugal and I’m making a webpage for a public library.
    I am working with the Agency child theme pro
    I can not configure the GENESIS EXTENDED ENEWS mainly form action fields and email field
    How do? I have to subscribe to me to stay there in the Champi registered users?
    please need your help.
    thank you

    1. Brandon Kraft Avatar
      Brandon Kraft


      This may take a few back and forth responses. Can you open a new thread at the bottom of and include what mailing list service you’re using? Thanks!

  15. hai nusantara Avatar

    hy just say thx about your information..:)

  16. Carsten Avatar

    Just updating. MailPoet works fine on WP 3.8, Genesis 2.0.1, out of the box 🙂 All the best Carsten

    1. Brandon Kraft Avatar

      Thanks! I haven’t heard of any bugs yet. Likely launch this week.

  17. scriptcrazy Avatar

    Hi! Do you have a tutorial for use on Outreach child theme?

    1. Brandon Kraft Avatar

      I haven’t tried out the new Outreach theme, but checking at the code, it looks like it would be compatible out of the box. Install the theme, install the plugin, and add the widget where you’d like, then configure it for your service.

  18. Org Spring (@OrgSpring) Avatar

    I confirmed this works with Emma email marketing and with outreach pro theme. I’ll post a tut later.

    1. Quincy Zikmund Avatar

      Did you ever get a tutorial up? I’m having the worst time trying to get this to work with Emma. Thanks! 🙂

  19. sebokelly Avatar

    Is anyone using Genesis eNews Extended with Sendy? If so, are there any issues?

    1. Brandon Kraft Avatar

      I haven’t heard of anyone using it and not personally familiar with it.

  20. Patty Avatar

    (A more in-depth tutorial for MailChimp is below.)
    Where, please? I see a link, but it just goes to

    1. Brandon Kraft Avatar

      Sorry about that—missed that text when moving the tutorials to their own page:

  21. Patty Avatar

    Wow, that was fast. Thanks, Brandon! It’s a nice plugin, I appreciate it.

    1. Brandon Kraft Avatar

      Thanks for pointing out my slip up! I’m sure many have left the site frustrated by that 🙁 Cheers!

  22. Carol Poortvliet Avatar

    If I’m using the plugin with Feedburner, how do I get the first and last name fields to show up in the form? I’ve entered the Feedburner ID in the appropriate setting field and left everything else to the default.

    1. Brandon Kraft Avatar

      The last I checked, Feedburner didn’t support extra fields so it isn’t enabled to prevent lost data.

      1. Carol Poortvliet Avatar
        Carol Poortvliet

        So it sounds like if I want to be able to gather the subscriber’s name along with their email, I’ll need to use a feed service other than Feedburner. Like Feedblitz, MailChimp, etc?

        1. Brandon Kraft Avatar

          I’m not sure off the top of my head re FeedBlitz, but MailChimp does offer that.

  23. Jack Avatar

    Somehow I can’t get the widget to look the way it should look. I’m using Dynamic Website Builder together with Genesis. Are there perhaps some plugins not compatible?

    I’m sorry, always difficult question when css is involved 🙁

    This is how it looks at the moment:

    1. Brandon Kraft Avatar

      I’m not familiar with Dynamic Website Builder. You can target those two form elements using #subbox1 #subbox2 in CSS.

  24. Thendral Avatar

    Hi Brandon,

    The Plugin is awesome… ! Just one thing…. will I be able to customise the content and maybe the UI of the Confirmation Page, Email Template etc.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Brandon Kraft Avatar

      That is all dependent on your mailing list service. MailChimp allows you to do all that (including specify what page on your site should be shown on success).

      The plugin, specifically, serves simply as a wrapper to the form itself to achieve unity across themes and services on form styling.

  25. Julia Avatar

    Hi Brandon. Thanks so much for this plugin – love it! Are there any plans to enable a captcha or anything like that? I’m getting an increasing number of clients wanting to use MailChimp’s captcha to prevent spam signups. Would hate to have to go back to using MailChimp’s signup form instead of the plugin.

    1. Brandon Kraft Avatar

      There aren’t any direct plans at the moment. eNews is a pretty “simple” plugin—it doesn’t actually interact with any mailing list system directly, just provides a standardized form structure for sites to style against.

  26. Danny Brown Avatar

    Hi Brandon, quick question – would it be possible to add Postmatic support for this? That would be awesome if so – thanks!

    1. Brandon Kraft Avatar

      As discussed in GitHub, this doesn’t look like a trivial addition, so not something foreseen in the near future. Postmatic is pretty sweet, though.

      1. Jason Lemieux Avatar
        Jason Lemieux

        Hey Brandon,

        Thanks for giving Postmatic integration some consideration. Looking at the plugin we can see why it would be non-trivial to make enews extended work with our subscribe api. Got it.

        If you ever do want to take the leap into doing an integration you can find our api docs below.

        Be well!

  27. Jane Unsworth Avatar

    Hi Brandon

    Are there plans to enable the use of Genesis dNews with Genesis Blocks on a Guttenberg based theme, where I’m using Genesis Monochrome Pro?

    They’re now based on Gen Blocks plugin to work alongside the themes (that are staying) I’d still love to find a way to create a block on the home page that people can opt into using your layout?

    Many thanks.


    PS My site’s in planning stages.


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