Water and Establishing The Work Space

I’ve always been horrible keeping my workspaces tidy and organized. Everything is right here on the desk. I can get to everything I need, though, sometimes, I have to dig through a layer.

It’s unprofessional, stressful, bad for everyone. There’s no sense of peace while working, which is the a fair amount of time. While I’ve known this for sometime, I started thinking about this more after visiting the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden in Vancouver.

The entire garden is beautiful, but particular, I was drawn to the Scholar’s Study and Courtyard. A classical Chinese Garden is actually a home for a scholar and his large, extended family. The scholar, as best I understood it, was a high-ranking, elite position at that time. Entire families would work toward trying to get one of their members to attain that position, which, I suppose, is akin to a cabinet minister (if you know more or could clarify, please do drop a comment).

Within the home, the Scholar had a dedicated study and courtyard and I wanted to rebuild the one in Vancouver in my home.

Of course, once normal life began after the trip, while the idea was still floating in my head, I have yet to build a Chinese garden within my house.

When visiting Portland last month, I visited the Lan Su Chinese Garden, which is similar to the Vancouver garden, though I must admit, I was more taken by Vancouver. The thought returned, but of course, nothing came from it.

Then today, a thunderstorm rolled through Austin. The sound of the rain, the thunder, reminded me of the water in the garden and the thought returned yet again.

Making our home and workspaces peaceful and comfortable is important, though it is easier to forget that things can be better and easier still to just let the days roll by without taking actionable steps. Time to start, eh?





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