Press This Extended 1.1

Press This Extended 1.1 is now out in the wild and available for your Pressing pleasure via

1.1 is an upgrade to roll smoothly alongside the changes coming out in 4.3, which hit Release Candidate today and so 4.3 is the required minimum version. If you are testing 4.3, please do test 1.1 and let me know if you see anything amiss.

Today’s version has three changes of note:

  • Enhancement: Press This as a web app. If you add Press This to the homescreen of your iOS or Chrome for Android devices, it will load in a web app view. This means it won’t have all of the chrome of Chrome (😉) or iOS Safari thus more closely mimic a native mobile app. Could be better, but a first stab for what I’ll propose for Core inclusion in 4.4.
  • Code Cleanup: The user agent hack in Press This Extended has been removed as it has been added to Core. Some sites (::cough:: Medium ::cough::) block all WordPress HTTP requests as a way to handle pingback spam, which was unintentionally blocking Press This. 1.0 and now core 4.3 modify the user-agent for Press This requests to clarify what specifically within WP is making the request, which gets the nod from Medium’s gatekeepers.
  • Code Cleanup: The Text Editor experimental feature has been removed. 4.3 ships with this built-in (and better) now.

If you don’t use Press This, you’re missing out. I’m really happy with it and looking forward to continue helping to improve it—both directly within Core and through tricking it out via Press This Extended.



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